Thomas is scheduled for a parole hearing on April 10th or April 11th.t1.jpg

If you are moved to do something to help him, there is something you can do.

Letters to the Parole Board which indicate the following can help secure his parole:

Thomas has never caused injury to anyone’s person or property.  Thomas has always been a good family man and has community and family support.  His family will greatly profit on his return.


It is not needed and not helpful to castigate the political or correctional institutions.  It is what it is.  Ephesians 6:12 sums it all up.

To be scheduled soon is a home visit to Thomas’s house to certify its suitability.  Darlene Deegan, Thomas’s mother
had been told that she must have an operational car for Thomas to be released.  That presents a problem as the finances have not been there to repair a car that was rejected in last summer’s inspection and now has no working battery.

Please send what you can Call To Decision at 224 Hurd Rd. Nettie, West Virginia 26681.  Pastor Butch, I, and our small Bible Study Group, will see that whatever is needed to make Thomas’s parole possible happens.  That is our reasonable and loving duty.

I personally plan to mail and fax to the parole board and plan to be in Welch, West Virginia to bring Thomas home.



Phil Hudok


Parole Board Contact Information:



Concerning Thomas Deegan OID # 3559707


Benita Murphy,  Chairperson


West Virginia Parole Board

1356 Hansford Street, Suite B

Charleston, West Virginia  25301


Phone 304-558-6366

Fax 304-558-5678