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OptiHemp Liposomal Hemp Extract
OptiHemp Liposomal Hemp Extract 300 OptiHemp's patented HempSorb™ delivery system is absorbed up to 10 times better than its oil-based competitors, whose absorption rates are as low as 6%, while OptiHemp has an amazing absorption rate of 50% to 60%. (Scroll down to see the comparison chart below for more ways in which OptiHemp is superior.) That bio-availability helps you save money, because it takes a lot less of this powerful extract to achieve the same incredible health results. And in case you're wondering, hemp is not marijuana, and it has no psychoactive effects. Hemp extract is legal in all 50 USA states.

“New World Order” is the term we use to describe the one world government and one world religion that the Bible predicts in Revelation 13. However, there is nothing new about the push for a one world system. The idea goes all the way back to the Tower of Babel and the empire of Babylon.

For years, many theologians have wrongly taught that the United States is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. This new film, Babylon USA, will demonstrate that the United States is the key player in creating the New World Order that will put the Antichrist into power.

Produced by Paul Wittenberger and Pastor Steven Anderson, this video features Pastor Steve Anderson, G. Edward Griffin, Texe Marrs, Kent Hovind, Joyce Riley and Chuck Baldwin.

94 Minute DVD ~ Paul Wittenberger ~ $20.00

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                             Kardovite: for circulation and heart health

Kardovite 3 month supply three caps a day Available in Capsule Or Liquid  $64.96 

Our hearts beat 100,800 times per day for the sole purpose of circulating 5 litres of blood per minute through our bodies! Blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to our cells and also removes waste products at the same time. This process is called perfusion. Greater circulation helps all our organs and cells to function better, leading to an overall improvement in health and vigor. Athletes have known this for a long time – what about the rest of us?

Kardovite is approved by Health Canada as a heart tonic and to support peripheral circulation. It contains six powerful herbal extracts that work together to improve blood flow and reduce cardiac risk factors.

With continued use of Kardovite, the blood vessels become healthier and the heart a more efficient pump. This leads to increased cardiac output and blood flow.


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Pfeiffer Formulas© REMSLEEP© All Natural Sleep Aid

REMSleep© is an all-natural sleep aid formula.  Our formula contains ingredients that research has shown to help improve and enhance better sleep.


30 Day supply $21.95 shipped!!! 





If you are one of the many millions of people who have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or having unrestful sleep throughout the night, REMSleep could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Many people have taken sleep aids that only contain some of the natural ingredients of REMSleep©. Now, you can have the best of all sleep aids found in REMSleep©. All of the ingredients in REMSleep are primary ingredients as they work together symbiotically to complement and enhance better sleep activity.

REMSleep© will help you get the deep sleep you need that will ensure you wake up feeling rested and energized! REMSleep©’s combination of 100% natural nutraceuticals work together and interact with receptors in the brain believed to help produce and increase the sleep you need to feel your best!

the product
Shortening the time to fall asleep
Improving deep REM sleep
Reducing waking up in the night
Improving and increasing overall quality of slee Consists of a unique blend and patented formulation of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs -
100% Natural & Organic Product




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Berkeys can produce a gallon of pure, safe drinking water for about 2 cents per gallon.  170,000,000 Americans in all 50 states are drinking water that is radium infected.  50,000 water purifying stations were texted across the U.S. and 22,000 reported radium infected water.  These were present in all 50 states.  The Berkey filter will cleanse from your water supply.

The Black Berkey elements are the most extensively gravity fed elements available.  The remove more contaminates than any other filter on the market, by nearly 75 additional potential contaminates.  The Black Berkey elements have been tested by 5 independent laboratories.  Other elements have been tested by only one lab.  The Black Berkey elements in addition have been "extreme tested" for several contaminates of immediate concern such as very heavy concentration of lead [similar to what was dealt with in Flint, MI.]  Also for PFC's such as Teflon and Scotch Guard.  

This extreme testing has clearly set the Black Berkey elements head and shoulders above any other.  


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Removing Mold
About "Articles Of Wisdom Book":
Testimonial - Pastor Ernie Sanders:
Sanders Testimonial 600x.png
Testimonial - Texe Marrs:
The Articles Of Wisdom And Instruction From God’s Word Series is a collection of articles written out of love toward the edification of the Body of Christ. These articles are answers to the questions of life that we all struggle to answer in precise, concise and understandable language. Covering various topics, these articles come from the heart and mind of Pastor Butch Paugh as he studies his Bible prayerfully as part of his calling to be a servant of Jesus Christ. Subjects such as truth, sin, duty, war and liberty are just a few of the topics this volume covers.
Pastor Butch Paugh has been preaching the Biblical truth of Jesus Christ and the Gospel for over forty years. I highly recommend this exceptional book. —Texe Marrs