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About "Articles Of Wisdom Book":
Testimonial - Pastor Ernie Sanders:
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Testimonial - Texe Marrs:
The Articles Of Wisdom And Instruction From God’s Word Series is a collection of articles written out of love toward the edification of the Body of Christ. These articles are answers to the questions of life that we all struggle to answer in precise, concise and understandable language. Covering various topics, these articles come from the heart and mind of Pastor Butch Paugh as he studies his Bible prayerfully as part of his calling to be a servant of Jesus Christ. Subjects such as truth, sin, duty, war and liberty are just a few of the topics this volume covers.
Pastor Butch Paugh has been preaching the Biblical truth of Jesus Christ and the Gospel for over forty years. I highly recommend this exceptional book. —Texe Marrs

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