Subject: listening to the show

 Dear Pastor Butch -

 I am sorry to hear that you are losing a few of the radio stations that
 carry your show.

 You may want to tell your listeners that they can do what I do and
 download the podcast recording each day. If they have a computer at home
 (or access to a computer at the library), they can download the show
 each day and listen to it any time they want.

 I use what is called a "Podcatcher" program to automatically download
 the show. If you use a podcatcher, you enter the web address
 "" (without the
 quotation marks) into their station settings and that's all you do.

 If you go to this web page, it gives you a list of different podcatcher
 programs available. Just pick the one that works with your operating
 system -

 Even if a person doesn't use a podcatcher program, they could go to the
 web page I first mentioned, find the show they want to download, and
 then right-click and save the file to their computer and then listen to it.

 If people knew this, maybe they could listen to your show even if the
 radio stations in their area do not host it. Since the podcast is on the
 Internet, anyone anywhere in the world can listen to it. They can even
 download and listen to older shows they may have missed.

 Take care and God bless.