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It was a pleasure to speak with you on your radio program last night.  I hope we inspired a few people to venture into homeschooling.  Here are the websites I mentioned along with some other information you may put on your website if you wish.
Homeschool Legal Defense Association – for all your legal requirements per your state
This website also offers a magazine Practical Homeschooling that is a wonderful place to get good solid homeschool information.
This website offers discounted homeschool materials.
General Informational Websites:
How to begin homeschooling in three steps:
1.     Find out the legal requirements for your state
2.     Withdrawal your student from the public school system.
3.     Observe your student in how he/she learns and tailor a program that will benefit him/her but you as well.
Educating the Wholehearted Child – wonderful book explaining the different methods of homeschooling
Read about all the different ways you can educate your child, but remember that the ultimate authority is the Lord.  Pray and He will answer.
Don’t forget A.R.T.
Put in the wrong order spells disaster R.A.T. or T.A.R. are not fun.  Keep God and attitude first and you will succeed.

I created a homeschool information seminar last summer and reformatted it into a .pdf for your website.
I hope this helps your listeners navigate the homeschool waters.

Home School Information Seminar Presentation (.pdf)

More Useful Sites

Learning and Tutor Resource

BBC Online Learning Resource

Teaching Resource at TES